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We provide the following services off-site:


  Commercial and Business

  Loan Underwriting 

  Independent Loan Performance Review

  Loan Packaging (pre-underwriting)

  Small Business Funding Solutions

Founded in 2010, LoansUnderwriting.com is a professional firm that provides off-site commercial and business loan underwriting solutions and loan monitoring review services to banks, credit unions, thrifts, and private money lenders nationwide.

In addition, we provide tools that focus on enhancing borrowers' funding chances through our loan/lease packaging (pre-underwriting), business plans and financial statements projections for funding, business financial health checks and customer credit assessment services.


We cater for all types and sizes of commercial and business loans and leases (see the blue banner below) on behalf of our lending clients. Our approach ensures the highest standard of loan/lease underwriting techniques, strict confidentiality and ethical practices. We act discreetly and expeditiously on behalf of our clients, while avoiding conflict of interest. Read more>>

With over five years of successful history behind us, LoansUnderwriting.com has accumulated valuable industry's best underwriting practices that we now proudly share with our esteemed clients for betterment of their respective portfolios.



                                                                                                                                       Remote Loan Underwriting 

                                                                                                                                                                                                               OUR STRENGTH

Management and control of staff can be difficult and frustrating. Hence LU developed a unique and rewarding solution that enables two or more banks or credit unions with low loan production volumes to share one loan underwriting resource while cutting underwriting cost. The approach, based on the principle of economies of scale, provides a lender all the benefits of an in-house credit analyst or underwriter at low cost, stress-free and with superior efficiency and skills.

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Stuff That We Can Do For You

Click on the services below to learn how we can help you solve your loan underwriting problems or loan-shopping dilemma 

Independent Loan Review 

Auto & Consumer Loan Underwriting 

Business Financial Health Diagnosis 

Financial  Analysis

Small Business Funding Solutions  

Capital Raising toolkit

Loan and Lease Underwriting

Business Plans & financial projections for funding

Starting a Lending Company toolkit

Funding Advisory

Customer Credit  Assessment


SBA, FSA & USDA Loan Packaging 

Loans Placement

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